Thursday, March 27, 2014

Three-In-One Free Bestselling Romance!

My Amazon Bestselling Christian romance set Oregon In Love is free today!

Follow three different women as they find love and the Great Northwest and beyond. (Christian romance)

In a small Oregon community, Sara Andersen finds herself in possession of an old farmhouse in desperate need of renovations. Brian Farris is a
builder who is new in town, but intimately acquainted with Sara. His purpose is not to restore only the house, but his relationship with her. The only problem is that Sara doesn't believe Brian has undergone any soulful renovations of his own


Chiaroscuro--the treatment of light and shade to give an illusion of depth--is stock in trade for Marc Dorin's work as a photographer. When he meets the silk and steel Julia Wilcox,  it's as if one of his sepia-toned prints comes to gently-hued life. But will the shadows from her past drain all the color from their future together?


Miranda Adams is in desperate need of a milagro--a miracle. She's trying to find her half-sister, Soledad, living in an orphanage somewhere in Mexico City. Spencer Meyers, bound to her by his family's blackmail, helps her as they set off on a frustrating search through winding, unnamed streets of Cuidad Nezahualc├│yotl...and find much more than they
ever expected

Grab a Kindle copy quick!

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