Wednesday, August 27, 2014

New Series Cover Reveal & Free Book Offer!

Here's a sneak peek of the first book in a new series I have coming out called Nashville Dreamers. The first book is The Trouble With Holly. The series follows three young women who come to Nashville hoping for a fresh start and maybe even romance.

In The Trouble With Holly, a new music executive gets mired in more than a chicken pen.

Holly Mae Raleigh has finally arrived, landing a plum VP position in Music City. But when her Aunt Della calls in a favor sending Holly back to her hometown, she finds herself ankle deep in a chicken pen while juggling the demands of her job and an old flame. Can a handsome ex-Navy vineyard owner help her see the spiritual side of the vines and rediscover her faith?

If you'd like to read it for free when it's released in the next few weeks, please email me at blythewriter@gmail and I'll send you a Kindle copy. I'd love it if you could give an honest review when you're finished.  Then sign up for my email list (right sidebar) so you never miss free book offers and great giveaways! (Offer expires 9/30/14).

Read an excerpt below:

Holly thought of her years working at Sargasso Music Productions, where she'd started out as a glorified gofer. She glanced at her friends and smiled, hoping she could somehow bottle up this feeling and save it forever. “Of course, I had a little help along the way. Take you two, for instance. I couldn’t have done this without you cheering me on.”

Marisa flipped her dark ponytail over her shoulder and returned the smile. Her shoulders had been baptized with plenty of Holly’s tears over the years. “Hey, you’re the youngest VP Sargasso Music Productions has ever had. Next stop, CEO.”

Holly knew she should blush, but funny if the thought hadn’t already crossed her mind. Inclining her head in a gesture of humility, she sent Marisa a complacent grin. Marisa burst out laughing, seeing right through her pathetic attempt at high-class modesty.

“At least now you'll get a little respect instead of being seen as the little errand girl,” Jen said in her comforting way. Where Marisa was filled with a restless energy, Jen was warmth and kindness galore—great attributes when working with kids at the hospital.

Marisa’s eyes suddenly widened and a rush of color filled her cheeks. “Speak of the devil. Holly, you’ll never guess who just strolled through the door. Hint, you used to get his coffee.”

Holly casually leaned back and slid a discreet peek across the dim room. She glimpsed the man who was the epitome of a metro-sexual, as well as her latest heartthrob—even if he didn’t know it. Dominick Graffe, Mr. Sargasso’s personal assistant. While maintaining her posture of languid ease, Holly whispered to the girls, “Do I have endive in my teeth?”

Marisa began to sputter until Holly realized someone was standing at their table. Raising her eyes, she looked up at the object of her latest desire.

She’d been waiting for Dominick to notice her since her first day at Sargasso nearly eight years ago. And now here he stood at her table, sending his dark brooding attentions her way. She doubted he would ask her to get him a cup of coffee from the office kitchen this time.

He nodded at Jen and Marisa after introductions were made. “Ms Raleigh, allow me to extend my personal congratulations on your promotion,” Dominick uttered huskily, extending his manicured hand toward her. She extended hers in a gracious manner befitting her new position in the world. “Thank you, Mr. Graffe.”

“Dominick,” he said.

We are the only two people in the room. The background 

fades as this Adonis continues to hold my hand. Our gazes meld. 

My heart pitterpats. I size up Dominick for a wedding tux. 

think I’m about to hyperventilate...

Marisa kicked her shin under the table.

Stay tuned for the new, faith-based adventures of the Nashville Dreamers!

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